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Core Team


Liz Jackson

Liz Jackson created the ViEW Platform as a democratic collective of diverse scholars focused on exploring virtues from cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary views. She has published broadly in the areas of philosophy of education and civic and moral education, including the book Beyond Virtue: The Politics of Educating Emotions, published by Cambridge University Press (2020). She has been a Professor at the Education University of Hong Kong since 2020.


Yumjyi Ji Ying

Yumjyi is a postdoctoral fellow at the Department of International Education, the Education University of Hong Kong. She recently finished her PhD studies in Education at the Faculty of Education, the University of Cambridge. She is a sociologist in education, with special interests in ethnicity, gender and education, and family-school relations. She is currently part of two projects: Virtues in Education East and West (ViEW), and Representation of ethnic and religious minorities in textbooks: Multicultural education in Mainland China, Macau, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.


Yan Fei

Yan Fei is a senior research assistant of the ViEW project. He obtained his Ph.D degree from UCL Institute of Education. Prior to joining EdUHK, he worked as a post-doctoral fellow at South China Normal University in Guangzhou. His research interests include nationalism in national education systems, citizenship and moral education, education for minority ethnic groups and textbook studies.


Carla Briffett Aktaş

Dr Carla Briffett Aktaş is a Lecturer and the Final Year Coordinator in the Department of International Education at the Education University of Hong Kong. Her research interests include social justice in education, philosophy and sociology of education. Carla is currently leading a research project centred on developing a new social justice pedagogical framework in higher education.


Emma Buchtel

Dr. Buchtel received her PhD in cultural psychology (social/personality area; quantitative minor) from the University of British Columbia in 2009, and her B.A. from Yale in 1999. In between, she spent four years in Changsha and Beijing, teaching English at high school and university levels and learning Mandarin Chinese. Her research seeks to explore and deepen our understanding of Chinese cultural influences on psychology, including moral concepts, values, motivation and reasoning styles, and their implications for Western theories. She uses interdisciplinary approaches, and multiple/mixed methods with cross-cultural data (e.g. psychophysiological data, qualitative data, quantitative surveys and experiments).


Stephen Chatelier

Stephen Chatelier is Assistant Professor in the Department of International Education, The Education University of Hong Kong. Alongside his teaching in the Teaching and Learning in International Schools Minor programme, Stephen is currently leading projects focused on areas such as internationalization in education, cosmopolitanism, nationalism and international schools.


Mark Harrison

Dr Mark Harrison is a Lecturer in the Department of International Education at the Education University of Hong Kong. Trained as a science teacher, Dr Harrison worked in secondary education in the UK and Hong Kong for many years, holding several positions of senior leadership in international schools and gaining a wide experience in the areas of curriculum, student wellbeing, counselling and learning support. Dr Harrison’s research interests are in school counselling, student wellbeing and social and emotional aspects of learning. He is a practising counsellor and a registered member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BCAP).


Chi-Ming Lam

Chi-Ming Lam is Associate Professor of the Department of International Education at the Education University of Hong Kong. His research interests include the philosophy of Karl Popper, critical thinking, Confucianism, and philosophy for children. His books include Childhood, Philosophy and Open Society: Implications for Education in Confucian Heritage Cultures (2013), Sociological and Philosophical Perspectives on Education in the Asia-Pacific Region (co-edited with Jae Park, 2016), and Philosophy for Children in Confucian Societies: In Theory and Practice (2020).

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Jae Park

Jae Park is an Assistant Professor in the Department of International Education at the Education University of Hong Kong. He holds a Doctor of Education from the University of Hong Kong. His research interests are in sociology and philosophy of education. Dr Park’s work has been published in Educational Philosophy and Theory, International Studies in Sociology of Education, Comparative Education, and Ethics & Behavior. He serves as the Past President of the Comparative Education Society of Hong Kong and as the Head of the International Education Research Group in the Centre for Lifelong Learning Research and Development in the Faculty of Education and Human Development. He is the Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Comparative Education and Development, published by the Comparative Education Society of Hong Kong.


William Sin

William Sin is an assistant professor at the Education University of Hong Kong, the Department of International Education. His area of research is moral and comparative philosophy. He writes on consequentialism, filial obligation/filial piety, Confucianism, and other issues of comparative philosophy, etc. He has published articles in Metaphilosophy, Philosophical Studies, Dao, Journal of Value Inquiry, and more.

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Elke Van dermijnsbrugge

Elke is Lecturer at the Education University of Hong Kong and PhD candidate at UCL Institute of Education (UK). She has worked in the field of international education in Europe, Africa and Asia before joining the university. Her key interests focus on philosophy of education, education research method and alternative curricular approaches. She is interested in the application of utopian and speculative thinking to (re)imagine educational policy, research and practice, and is also exploring and developing the novel concept of "punk ethnography".


Ping Ho Wong

Wong Ping Ho is Adjunct Associate Professor in the Department of International Education, The Education University of Hong Kong (formerly the Hong Kong Institute of Education), and serves as coordinator of the EdD in Life and Values Education programme. Before moving into teacher education, he had been a secondary school teacher for ten years. He was involved in the establishment of the Hong Kong Institute of Education’s Centre for Religious and Spirituality Education in 2006, and was its Director prior to his retirement in 2016.


Wu Siu Wai

Dr. Wu Siu Wai started his career as a teacher educator in 1995. He works in the Department of International Education at The Education University of Hong Kong. He completed his Teacher Certificate (1983) in Sir Robert Black College of Education, Bachelor Degree (1993) in the Hong Kong Chinese University, Master of Education (1996) in Hong Kong University and Ph.D. (2001) in Beijing Normal University. He now serves as Vice-Chairman of the Hong Kong Federation of Education Workers, Honorary Secretary of the Hong Kong Primary Education Research Association and Academic Secretary of The Hong Kong Council for Educational Administration. Recently, he was invited to join the University’s team to carry out the Review, “Effectiveness of the Implementation of Life Planning Education in Secondary Schools in Hong Kong” by the Education Bureau. His interests include Hong Kong educational policy, teacher professional development and middle-manager learning, civic education and life education, Chinese culture and philosophical ideas.



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Mark Mason

Professor, Education University of Hong Kong

Ngar-sze Lau

Lecturer, Education University of Hong Kong

Sue Saltmarsh

Professor, Educational University of Hong Kong

Janet Orchard

Senior Lecturer, University of Bristol