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Virtues in Education: East Meets West

Symposium 31 May 2022
Education University of Hong Kong

Call for papers

In recent years, many educational initiatives have focused on virtues. Such curricula can be categorised as: Life and Values Education, Social and Emotional Learning, Character Education, and Virtues Education. While the aim of cultivating virtues is common to these subjects, how virtues are understood varies. On the one hand, education for virtues can be justified according to principles from positive psychology, social psychology, virtue ethics, Christian ethics, sociology of education, etc., which conceptualise virtues in different ways. On the other hand, processes, aims, and understandings about education and virtues vary across cultures. As education is understood and conducted differently across cultures, what works in one context may not work in another.

This one-day symposium is dedicated to exploring virtues from interdisciplinary and cross-cultural perspectives in society and education. We particularly seek contributions that:

  • Compare the role of a virtue (for example, humility or gratitude) across philosophical traditions (such as western philosophy versus Confucianism, religious views, etc.)

  • Develop critical analyses of the political implications of promoting particular virtues in education in different cultural and social contexts

  • Trace how distinctive philosophical and political views of particular virtues link to educational models and practices

  • Consider particular virtues in connection to views of self-other relations and amidst other complementary or competing virtues (for instance, vulnerability, courage, openness, modesty, etc.)

Small, informal, and organised to promote a collegial and mutually supportive environment, the symposium will involve whole-group discussions of previously circulated papers in addition to panel presentations. Participants will remain together in conversation for the duration. A post-symposium publication of well-developed contributions is envisaged.

The cost of the symposium will be borne by the sponsoring bodies with meals provided.

Submitting your proposal

Five hundred-word abstracts of proposed papers should be emailed by 28 February 2022. Abstracts should include a title and detail the questions and the scholarly perspectives driving the argument. Please also include your name, institutional affiliation, and email address.

Proposers will be notified of decisions by 10 March. Those who wish to circulate papers (2000-3000 words) prior to the conference should send them by 10 May 2022.

Please direct all correspondence to Dr Ying Ji at

Symposium Committee

Prof Liz Jackson, Prof Mark Mason, Dr Jae Park, Dr Chi-Ming Lam & Dr Stephen Chatelier

Department of International Education, Education University of Hong Kong

The ViEW Platform / The Philosophy of Education Society of Australasia

Symposium: Text
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