Beyond Virtue: The Politics of Educating Emotions

Liz Jackson, Cambridge University Press 2020

Educating students for emotional wellbeing is a vital task. However, educating emotions is not straightforward. This text analyses best practices of educating emotions. The focus is not just on the psychological benefits of emotional regulation, but also on how calls for educating emotions connect to the aims of society. The book explores psychology's understanding of emotions, 'the politics of emotions', and philosophy. It discusses education for happiness, compassion, gratitude, resilience, mindfulness, courage, vulnerability, anger, sadness, and fear.

Why should I be grateful? The morality of gratitude in contexts marked by injustice, Liz Jackson, 2016

In philosophical and psychological literature, gratitude has normally been promoted as beneficial to oneself and others and as morally good. This article focuses on whether gratitude should be regarded as morally ideal, praiseworthy or expected in contexts marked by social inequity and injustice. It considers competing articulations of gratitude in philosophical and psychological research and how gratitude can be conceived in some cases as praiseworthy and in others as potentially problematic. Finally, it considers the implications of a multipronged view of gratitude for teaching for and about gratitude in social justice education.

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Reconsidering vulnerability in higher education
Liz Jackson, 2018

This paper provides a systematic understanding of vulnerability and considers its implications for academics. That vulnerability circulates through interrelations suggests that it is not a problem that can be ameliorated through giving academics more resources as individuals. Rather, vulnerability stems not from individual neediness or fragility, but from interactive operations and processes within communities. The essay concludes by considering the implications of reconceptualizing academic vulnerability alternatively as a positive learning disposition.